Availability for Speaking Engagements, Appearances, and Writing/Editing Work

Want to have me speak at your organization/event, invite me to a convention or conference, interview me, or have me write for your publication? Here’s a handy-dandy guide on how you can do so.

First: Please contact me via e-mail address michi@geekmelange.com. In your subject line, please indicate why you are contacting me.

Please introduce yourself and tell me about the organization or event at which you wish to have me speak, the date and time of the event, and the honorarium/fee amount you wish to offer. My fees are negotiable depending on preparation time, travel, and the nature of the event. (Particularly for non-profit and educational organizations.) I also appreciate any details you can provide regarding why you think I would be a good fit for your event/interview/etc., and what kind of presentation/article/etc., you are envisioning, these are very helpful to me in planning for and evaluating the fit of your proposal.

I appreciate requests being made at least two months in advance of the speaking date so I can have time to fit the event into my schedule and make any necessary preparations.

Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Virtual Chats, and More:

I enjoy talking about science fiction/fantasy, geek culture, pop culture, writing (particularly nonfiction and narrative essay), editing, firespinning, community building, food culture, Asian American/Pacific Islander representation, sexism, racism, inclusion, and diversity. Some of the presentations and talks I’ve done include:


I enjoy attending science fiction & fantasy, and pop culture-related conventions and would be happy to consider yours. Please e-mail me and tell me who you are, the convention you represent, and the location and dates of the convention.

Early invitations are deeply appreciated to allow me time to prepare and schedule adequately. Please note that I generally attend C2E2 and WisCon, and I generally won’t be likely to accept an invitation to a convention scheduled against either of those events.

Be aware that I’m strongly in favor of conventions and conferences that have robust and obvious policies concerning harassment, as well as accessibility policies and accommodations for disabled people.


I’m usually happy to be interviewed. I prefer either email or phone interviews, but I’m amenable to in-person interviews depending on the travel required.

Do query me before sending questions and tell me who you are, who is publishing the interview, and the format in which you wish to conduct the interview. If you are on a short deadline (i.e. by the end of the work day), you may include questions or a contact number.

Writing/Editing Work:

A note to start: I do not write or edit for free. Writing and editing are my job, please do not ask me to write or edit work without compensation (and no, “exposure” doesn’t pay). Requests for free writing and/or editing will be deleted without response.

I am available for nonfiction work and have expertise and publishing credits covering such topics as geek culture, pop culture, comics, science fiction & fantasy, Asian American/Pacific Islander representation, race, gender, food culture, community building, and firespinning. For a sample of my work, please see my bibliography page. My writing credits include anthologies, online publications, and most recently, exhibit text writer for the Wing Luke Museum’s Worlds Beyond Here. As a professional editor with a background in journalism and 20+ years of experience in publishing, I am comfortable working to deadlines.

Please email me with the idea of the general topic you’re interested in having me write about, as well as the suggested length for the article and your payment rates. Inquiries made well in advance of the article deadline are greatly appreciated, particularly if interviews and research will be required as part of the piece.

I am also available for providing editorial services, particularly for nonfiction (personal essay, critical essay, long-form journalism, etc), and am also available to edit fiction. I’m a four-time Hugo Award-winning editor who has worked on a variety of formats from marketing materials to personal writing, critical essays, and external/internal communications for organizations. Please email me with a brief description of the work requiring editing (word count, scope, premise) and turn around time required. Payment rates are negotiable depending on the scope of the project.

Thank you very much for your interest!