Panel/Discussion Videos

2017 Hugo Awards – Best Semiprozine Acceptance (video begins at announcement of Semiprozine finalists)

2016 Hugo Awards – Best Semiprozine Acceptance Speech

Exorcising the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl (C2E2) promo

C2E2 Panel Playlist:
“More Than Sidekicks: Expanding Visibility for Asian American Creators and Characters in Comics”
“Fight the Power”
“With Great Power: Mentoring the Next Generation of Geeks”
“Opening the Clubhouse Doors: Creating More Inclusive Geek Communities”
“Missing Stairs, Glass Ceilings and Gatekeepers: Geeks Still Deal with Sexism” (video broken into 5 parts)
“Exorcising the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl”
“The Geek Girl and the Artist” (video broken into 6 parts)

Other Panel Appearances Playlist:
“We Are More Than Sidekicks” (UIC Comics, Culture, and Society Symposium)
“Exploring the Cultural Legacy of Star Trek” (Adler After Dark: Boldly Go)
“Generation Next: How to Keep Nerd Communities Growing” (Moraine Valley Community College Graphic Novel Symposium)
“Women, Art, Gatekeeping & Geek Culture” (University of Chicago Divinity School Wednesday Lunch Lecture series)
“Shifting Perspectives and Encouraging Diversity in Geek Communities” (ChiFi 0)
“Con Harassment Policies: Nuts and Bolts” (ChiFi 0)

“Chicks Dig Time Lords” (Chicago Humanities Festival: Journeys)

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