Talking Star Trek at Adler After Dark (Updated)

In honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, this month’s event “Adler After Dark: Boldly Go” on Thursday, September 15th, celebrates all things Star Trek, and I’m pleased to share that I will be on a panel at the event, talking about the cultural legacy of the show. Continue Reading →

C2E2 2014 Spotlight: “Opening the Clubhouse Doors – Creating More Inclusive Geek Communities” (UPDATED)

This edition of the C2E2 Spotlight highlights the description and panelist bios for the geek diversity and inclusion panel. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with these panelists, who have all done Continue Reading →

Exorcising the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl: The Chicago Comic Con Edition

Missed the Exorcising the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl panel at C2E2? If you’re attending the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con Aug. 8-11, here’s your chance to see what Continue Reading →

Full Footage of the Exorcising the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl panel now up! (Updated 1/5/14 with transcript)

It’s been a very busy several months. Work deadlines, attending my fourth Lakes of Fire, the start of the Full Moon Jam season and wrestling with Mother Nature (seriously, what Continue Reading →