More Panel Videos from ChiFi 0 and The University of Chicago

Yes, I know. It’s been nearly a month since a new blog entry. To put it bluntly, May kicked my ass. Between recovering from C2E2 (and yes, there’s still a write up about that coming), getting ready for the start of the Full Moon Jam season, preparing for my first WisCon (which is also getting a write up) and catching one of the worst cold/flu bugs I’ve had the misfortune of coming across this year, the “To Do” pile just ended up burying me.

There are a few entries coming down the pipeline, I promise. But in the meantime, here are some videos from some of the panel discussions and presentations I’ve had the pleasure of being part of over the past couple of months.

From ChiFi 0, we have footage of the “Shifting Perspectives and Encouraging Geek Diversity” and “Con Harassment Policies: Nuts and Bolts” panels. Thanks to Ryan Bond & Geek Bar Chicago for providing the footage!

This past April, I was invited by Dawn Xiana Moon to do a presentation with her about being women and artists in geek culture at the University of Chicago Divinity School’s Wednesday Lunch lecture series at Swift Hall. Dawn talked about the “fun stuff” – combining geeky interests and artistic skills to create Raks Geek, the bellydance and fire performance geek-themed showcase she created. Of course that meant I got to talk about the “not-so-fun stuff” women deal with in geek culture – thanks a lot, Dawn! I will say that giving presentations like this is a completely different (and in my opinion, more difficult) experience than being on a panel, but we had a fantastic time. Thanks again to the Divinity School for inviting us to do this presentation, I hope we get the chance to return and extend the conversation.

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