C2E2 2014 Spotlight: “Nerd Trivia”

Thanks to Liz Hoffman of Project 891 Theatre’s Nerd Trivia for providing this write up. If you love showing off your nerd trivia skills, this is a can’t-miss event at C2E2. Project 891 holds a monthly Nerd Trivia night at The Atlantic just north of Lincoln Square – the next trivia night is Arrested Development night on Wednesday, April 9 at 7:30. $5 per person to play, all proceeds go toward supporting Project 891 productions.

Nerd Trivia
Date: Saturday, April 26
Time: 3:30-4:30pm
Location: The Twitch Stage, show floor


Come out to nerd trivia and let your nerd flag fly while winning prizes! Project 891 Theatre is taking our popular Nerd Trivia out of the bar and into C2E2 at 3:30P-4:30P on Saturday April 26th at The Twitch Stage on the show floor. We’ll be doing spelling bee-style battle rounds of some of your favorite nerd themes. For each battle round, we’ll let the audience select a theme from our list, and then we’ll choose up to 10 people from the audience to compete on stage. Once onstage, each person selects a question from the question bucket. If the contestant can answer the question correctly, he/she stays onstage to answer again, but if the contestant answers wrong, he/she is out. Last person standing onstage gets the prize, and we start over with a different theme. Themes include (but are not limited to) Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, Simpsons, Harry Potter, Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, 80’s cartoons, Buffy and much, much more! Fun for everyone!

Find Project 891 Theatre Company:
On the web: http://www.project891theatre.com/
Facebook: Project 891 Theatre Company
Twitter: @project891co

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