C2E2 2014 Spotlight: “Who’s Doctor Is It Anyway?”

This moderated discussion taking place in the C2E2 Fan Village is being run by CNSC Board Member, Gordon Dymowski. When Gordon isn’t running the Chicago Doctor Who Meetup, he’s blogging over at Blog THIS, Pal!, providing occasional pieces for the Baker Street Blog and co-hosting Zone 4.

C2E2 Fan Village Session: “Who’s Doctor Is It Anyway?”
Date: Saturday, April 26
Time: 11:45am-12:45pm
Location: C2E2 Fan Village – S100a

global_156116492Some fans began loving Doctor Who when it was first broadcast on public television; for many current fans, their Doctor of choice was shown in more recent years. Yet there’s always the question “How Can New Series Fans Get Into Classic Who?” Or “How Can Classic Fans Get Into New Who?” Or even “Why does it matter?” The Chicago Doctor Who Meetup group is sponsoring a conversation where fans can learn about great entry points, share recommendations, and dive deeply into this classic science fiction series!

Meetup: Chicago Doctor Who Meetup
C2E2 Panel Programming Link

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