The Invisible Anthology is Now a Real Thing!

As of yesterday, Invisible, the anthology collecting the essays written for Jim C. Hines’s guest writer series on representation and diversity in science fiction/fantasy, is live and available for purchase!


As this is the first time I’ve ever seen my name on the cover of a book, allow me at least one happy dance gif.


Writing my essay, “I Don’t See Color,” was a surprisingly difficult process, but I’m so very glad that I stuck with it (and that several people, notably Kat Tanaka Opopnik, Erin Tipton and my husband, Jesse Lex, lent their critical eyes and pushed me past those uncomfortable barriers). I’m incredibly proud and honored that the essay is a part of this collection highlighting why diversity and representation is important in SF/F. The perspectives shared here are deeply personal and in many instances, bring up issues that I had not considered or was even aware of – and that’s why I love SF/F so much. Because we learn about the world and our places in it in part through the stories we read, see and hear, these genres have incredible potential to widen the scope of our imaginations and expose us to an infinite variety of narratives and characters. These stories affect not only how we’re able to see each other, but how we see ourselves.

The anthology contains a few new essays, including a forward by Alex Dally MacFarlane, whose excellent piece about ending the gender binary default in fiction is what inspired this whole project. The collection is $2.99 in e-format only, and available at:

All proceeds will go toward the Carl Brandon Society for Con or Bust. Which is fantastic, because this morning, Hines posted this on his Facebook page:

100 copies of the anthology sold in the first 24 hours! So please consider picking up a copy and urging others who you think would enjoy this anthology to do the same. Not only will you be treated to some amazing personal essays, you’ll be contributing to a good cause, too!

Thanks again to Hines for pulling this whole thing together. I hope this is just the first of many installments of this anthology, because there are so many other perspectives and voices on this subject that deserve to be heard, too.

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