Capricon 35 Panel Schedule

I’ll be attending my very first Capricon in Wheeling, IL, next month, so of course, this means PANELS! Specifically, three panels over the course of the con, which runs February 12-15:

Saturday, February 14, 2015
Fandom For All: Creating Inclusive Communities
1-2:30pm, Birch A
Fandom and conventions are changing; how do we go about making our types of conventions accessible, welcoming, and inclusive to everyone?
Panelists: Mari Brighe, Jennifer Cross, Peter Heltzer (M), Mark Oshiro, Caitlin Rosberg, Michi Trota

Capaldi is Kind of Growing on Me
7-8:30pm, Birch B
It wouldn’t be a science fiction convention without a Doctor Who panel! We’ll just step back and let our panelists take it from here.
Panelists: Anne Elliot, Patrick Hester, Robin Silver, Michael D. Thomas, Michi Trota (M)

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Implementation of Policies at Conventions
1:30-3pm, Birch B
Harassment policies and codes of conduct are currently hot topics in fandom. How are policies created, and more importantly, implemented? What can a convention do when the implementation doesn’t work and they need to change the policy?
Panelists: Andrea Hawkins-Kamper, Helen Montgomery (M), Jesi Pershing, Michi Trota

I’m looking forward to the chance to geek out with my friends, and as always, excited about getting to meet new people. One of the most enjoyable things about going to cons and participating on panels is that it gives me the chance to get to know writers, editors and other members of fandom. And there are some really interesting panels & readings I’d like to sit in on, including Historical Mythology vs Constructed Mythology; Why #INeedDiverseGames; Queer Eye for Sci Fi; Mary Robinette Kowal’s reading; Rituals and Regalements: Creating Culture in Genre Literature; and there’s apparently even a Trivia for Chocolate event.

Although if I’m going to be completely honest, I’m probably most excited over the fact that I’m on a panel with Mark Oshiro!!

See you at Capricon!

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