Guest Appearance on Bitch Media’s Popaganda Podcast

Thank you so much to Soleil Ho for inviting me to be a guest on her Bitch Media podcast Popaganda episode about the idea of “imposters”! We got to talk about “fake geeks,” entitlement, and how to use gatekeeper roles to expand access and availability of diverse perspectives and disrupt the status quo rather than reinforce oppressive, marginalizing social and power structures. I particularly enjoyed Soleil asking a bit about the work we’re doing with Uncanny and how many SFF publications are trying to do their part in creating more space for more amazing diverse perspectives and visions in genre.

Soleil’s following interview in the episode with Amalia Nicholson—a content producer and cohost of the podcast Borrowed Interest, a show that focuses on the experiences of Black women in advertising—is a fantastic discussion about passing, code-switching, and expectations of belonging and behavior in spaces. Listen to the whole thing!

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