Fire at Chicago Decomp 2013

I’m usually ok with winter – I’m a Midwest gal – but the winter of 2013-2014 has been the worst I’ve experienced since moving back to Chicago nearly eight years ago. There’s still over three months to go before fire jam season starts, and the last time I light up my gear was at Burning Man Chicago Decomp in November. Saying that I’m itching for fire right now would be an understatement.

Luckily, Pyrotechniq member and video master Devin Breen found the memory card with all the HD footage from Decomp and finally got everything uploaded to YouTube. I performed three sets over the evening, and here they are:

“Can You Dig It” from Iron Man 3 by Brian Tyler, with fire poi (this was for the earlier kids’ entertainment portion – kids are always awesome to spin fire for).

“Breath of Life” by Florence + The Machine (RuggedRob Remix)

“Slut on the Street” by Quick Fix. The Quick Fix guys were awesome and we used to go to their gigs in Boston/Cambridge in the years before I left the city. I’m just sad I never had the chance to spin fire live with them, so to Eric Barlow, Eric Donohue, Shayne Phillips, Jake Zavracky, this spin was for you.

Yes, that November night was freezing, but at least we were lighting things on fire to keep away the cold. Can’t exactly do that on the way to work when the wind is over 20mph and we’re in another polar vortex. Did I mention that May can’t come fast enough?

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