Have a Honey Badger Valentine’s Day

Ursula Vernon’s found a way for me to get into Valentine’s Day again. How did she do it? HONEY BADGER VALENTINES! It started with one of the funniest riffs on the whole SFWA Bulletin Petition between Vernon and M.C.A. Hogarth on Twitter, which gave us this (although you really need to read the whole Storify link because it’s brilliant):


And then Vernon was apparently inspired to keep the Morally Ambiguous Honeybadgers Harry and Henrietta going with Valentine’s Day wishes of their own. Here’s Harry:


And here’s Henrietta (who I’ve adopted as my Patronus):


It should surprise no one when I say that I would squee receiving either card and happily give them to the awesome people that I know. And according to Vernon, she’s pleased to let people print these cards out themselves to share the special brand of Honey Badger love (just please don’t use them to make money).

If you want to see more of Vernon’s awesome (and Hugo-Award-winning) art, check out Red Wombat Studio.




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