C2E2 2014 Spotlight: “Creating Community: Hosting Ladies’ Night at Your Local Comic Shop”

For the month of April leading up to C2E2 on April 25-27, I’ll be running a series of posts spotlighting panels and events at the convention associated with friends, colleagues and other local Chicago nerd organizations. To start, here’s the discussion by the women of the popular monthly Graham Cracker Comics Ladies’ Night group. Thanks to Caitlin Rosberg for providing the write-up, looking forward to attending the panel! For those of you in the Chicago area, the next GCC Ladies’ Night is tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 2, at the Downtown/Loop location at 77 E. Madison, 6-8pm. Women get an extra 10% GCC purchases as part of the event!

Creating Community: Hosting Ladies’ Night at Your Local Comic Shop
Date: Saturday, April 26
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: S401ab
Speakers: Anissa Espinosa, Caitlin Rosberg, Lauren Burke, Megan Byrd, Wendi Freeman

You may be friendly with the employees at your local comic shop, but how well do you know your fellow shoppers? How often do you talk comics outside of the Internet? Why does it matter? Learn how to build community and change your experience of fandom by hosting Ladies’ Night.

Ladies Night Anthology logo

Ladies Night Anthology logo

Founded in 2012 by Hannah K Chapman, the Ladies’ Night at Graham Crackers Comics has hosted up to 35 women of all ages every month to talk about the fandoms they love. Especially in a world that needs resources like Hater Free Wednesdays, it’s important for female fans to carve out their own spaces and show the world that women read comics, too. Join the panel to speak more about creating safe spaces in stores and running your own ladies’ night event with the cooperation of employees and owners.

You can find the Ladies’ Night crew on Facebook or at their website. The panel is staffed by the editors of the Ladies’ Night Anthology, currently in the process of wrapping up the second volume creative process. In mid-April, the group will be kicking off an Indiegogo to raise printing funds. Hannah K Chapman, who may not join because she is based in the UK, also founded Comic Book Slumber Party, and is currently trying to raise funds for the trip.

LNAC2E2 Panel Poster v2 Small

Find GCC Ladies’ Night online:
Facebook: Graham Cracker Comics Ladies’ Night
Twitter: @GCCLadiesNight
Tumblr: Ladies’ Night at Graham Cracker Comics
Goodreads: Ladies’ Night at Graham Cracker Comics

GCC Ladies’ Night Anthology online:
On the web: http://www.ladiesnightanthology.com/
Indiegogo: Ladies’ Night Anthology


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