20×2: Where Do We Start

Two minutes can be forever or pass in the blink of an eye, depending on your perspective. Hopefully it’s closer to the former this Friday since I’ll only have two short minutes to answer the question: Where do we start? Thankfully I’m not alone in this boat! 20×2 is a regular show where twenty people from different walks of life are given two minutes to address the show’s theme question in any format they’d like. People have done songs, slideshows, spoken-word, performance art, and more. Alas, they’re not letting me light anything on fire, so spoken word it is! Schubas is a great bar, and this is an all-ages show. Bonus: my friend and super awesome geek creator and fellow Chicago Reader: People 2017 subject Keisha Howard of Sugar Gamers is also one of the show guests, so I’m looking forward to seeing how she’ll be addressing this question.

April 27, 2018, 7-9pm | $10 | All Ages
20×2: Where Do We Start? 
Schubas, Chicago, IL
20×2 is an ongoing project that exists to showcase the creativity that lurks in each of us. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, web geeks and other bon vivants are asked to take two minutes each to answer the question of the day. The results can be as varied as the emotions and reactions they evoke. This edition’s question is “Where do we start?”

Featuring: James Allenspach, Rachelle Ankney, Rashanah Baldwin, Bilal Dardai, Regan Davis, Elizabeth Gomez, Gwendolyn Graff, Keisha Howard, Felix Jung, Maya Kuper, Nikki Lynette, David Michaels, Nikki Nigl, Lauren Pacheco, Shawn Smith, Jeff Solin, Borja Sotomayor, Michi Trota, Sandor Weisz, Brian Wlazlo

20x2 show poster April 27 7pm at Schubas 20 speakers 2 minutes each answering the question "Where do we start?"

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