Iron Fist: On False Choices, Whitedudesplaining & Expecting Gratitude for Doing Diversity (badly)

These tweets were from a thread back in March 2017. They were originally collected on Storify but with Storify closing on May 16, 2018, they’ve been recollected here.

The first tweet links to an excellent summary of the whole Finn Jones/Iron Fist twitter mess — I made it after the rest of the tweets in this Storify but it provides necessary context. Unsurprisingly it started with a white dude not knowing how to just stop & listen before flouncing (temporarily) and leaving the WOC who tried–reasonably–to explain where he was failing to be piled on by defensive fans.

Addendum: Having now seen both Iron Fist season 1 and The Defenders and Danny Rand’s initial meeting with Luke Cage, I can definitely say that Danny is anything but the partner that Luke deserves and it’s a damn shame Luke Cage season 2 is going to have that #martialartsmayo sandwich thrown into the mix.


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