WisCon 39 Panel Schedule

WisCon 39 is this weekend (May 22-25) and of course, I’m on panels again. I’m getting better about learning my limits and only got myself on four panels this year, rather than six. Hopefully this means I’ll have more time to check out other events at the con, spend more time getting reacquainted with the many amazing people I met last year, and pay forward the warm welcome I received last year to this year’s first-time attendees.

I’ve included the hashtags for each panel so if you’re following along on Twitter, you can catch some of what we’re talking about! Looking forward to a great convention thanks to the hard work of the concom.

Friday, May 22
Misandry, Reverse Racism, and Other Imaginary Creatures
4-5:15pm, Assembly
Drinking the Tears of My Enemies, Part 2. (Also, we’ll be talking about the perceptions of these things and what is often meant when these terms are invoked.)

Saturday, May 23
Beyond the Cookie: How To Be A Great Ally and Recover from Allyship Errors
10-11:15am, Wisconsin
Being an ally has many pitfalls, especially when the going gets tough. Yes, fine, you stood up for (and with) your friend. Have a cookie. Now what? As allies, we will always make mistakes. As decent human beings, we keep on making the effort. How can allies take substantive, helpful steps without pulling focus and accidentally making the fight All About Us? And if we screw up, how do we recover from ally mistakes without making the conversation be all about our problems & hurt feelings?

We Loved Lilo and Stitch1-2:15pm, Conference 5
Why has Disney buried what is arguably one of their greatest animated films? Complex emotions, a real family that works through dysfunction, loads and loads of non-white characters … well, and a cute nonhuman who could be made into toys. Their marketing kept Stitch, but has all but disavowed the rest of the movie. How can we get these kinds of movies greenlit again?

Sunday, May 24
Anger is an Energy1-2:15pm, Capitol A
Tone Argument: The one who yells has lost already. Honey attracts more flies than vinegar. We know all reasons that people give for tamping down the angry energy, but what are the positive aspects of anger in social justice?

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